The Midnight Pig/December 3rd 2009

There was a girl named Kylie, she is one of the main characters in the book. Her mom works at a mini store. She was a new kid in the block, and at school her teacher said that if she should get a pig for company; and once she got the pig, she named it,"Fred." One day mom decided to hire a part-time help, she hired a man named "Tony" Kylie recognized him when she had seen him looking at the cash register one day. Kylie didn't like him and so did Fred, then Kylie saw Tony steal 50 dollars from the cash register. Meanwhile, Tony said to Kylie's mom that he couldn't come to help for today, when mom got back home, she told Kylie to put the stack of beans on the shelf; she saw a paper in the trash and it was the picture of the bank, and Kylie told mom that Tony is going to rob the bank, but mom didn't believe her. A few days later, Kylie knew that mom was wrong the bank had actually got robbed. That night Kylie saw Tony outside the window; Kylie followed him in the old graveyard, he was heading toward the old house in the yard. Unfortunately Kylie was caught when she had made a sound, Tony pulled her inside the old house, inside their was another man who was with Tony. After awhile Tony was caught by the police; and he was handcuffed and been sent to jail right away. Kylie wanted to know how they had found her, and the police told her the whole situation.

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