Sign Of The Beaver/December 1st


There was one boy who lived in a cabin, his name was, Matt. He was the only one staying in the cabin. His Mom and Dad left him, they wanted him to take care of the cabin. One day, he got a bee hive out of a tree, he ran to the nearest river. He got stings all over him, and he was also injured; apparently he had woke up somewhere, in his cabin. Matt had met a Indian his name was Attean. He had made friends with Attean. Attean was very nice with him, he had also met a man, his name was Ben. Once Matt had fell asleep, Ben saw something missing, it was his Dad's rifle. Attean's Grandfather invited Matt to a feast on another day, Matt was very happy.

He had slept over in the Attean's place. Once he had woke up everyone was waiting outside. The Attean said to him that he sleeps very long. Once they had finished breakfast, they decided to have a game. He had played a game called something, he didn't knew what it was called. He also had to give away his shirt, his only shirt; but after that his eye was swollen, and his bruises hurt. Once he dunked his head in the river, he felt very relaxed. Until he came out, Attean was holding out his shirt, Matt put it back on. He trotted back to his cabin. Once he got there there was something waiting for him, it was a porcupine. It never bit him or anything. It just sat there. A few days later Attean came, he was holding something in his hands, it was snow shoes from Attean's grandmother. When he first tries to step on the snow with the shoes, it was pretty hard for him. Every time he has to stop and wait for the little fellow to catch up. When he got back to the cabin, Matt saw a shadow; he absolutely knew it was his Mom and Dad. Once they person had came out of the shadow, his Mom and Dad had finally came back.

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