My Brother Stevie Summary Febuary 1st, 2010

My Brother Stevie Summary
Alex Pang
I read a book, called My Brother Stevie. The author for this book is Eleanor Clymer. The characters are Stevie, Annie, Grandma, and Miss Stover. This book made me feel sad because at the end of the story, Miss Stover wrote a letter to Annie and it said that her Foster Mother had passed away. The book also made me happy, because it is funny too see that there are trouble coming up on different times and Stevie was happy to see Miss Stover. I have a connection that I have a dog and Miss Stover has a dog too and his name is Skipper, he is playful like my dog. This connection helped me on learning about reading, because it helps me to have more connections too make. This book is a bit easy, but it still a "O.K" book for me to read.

Annie had changed a lot in the story because, in the beginning, Annie sometimes follow Stevie on what he's doing, and in the end she is much more nicer, politer, and much more independent. Stevie, he was always silly, and joking around in the beginning, but then during the end, he is not obnoxious, he stays quiet and he is not nosy as usual. What made them change was Miss Stover, because she tries to do whats best for two of them.

Miss Stover helped Stevie to be more politer and Annie and teach them what they do that is best, and I felt happy for them, and they should be happy about that too. What should change about the book, is too put more details because iit seems like that there are enough information on one topic, I would do it because that would give the reader more information. The authors message can bee about whats good for you and how you should do it, and push aside whats wrong and dot the right thing.


  1. I liked the way you described the characters in this blog post, it made it easy for me to understand. I think you can work on making it clear what the book was about and try to use a bit more stronger descriptive words, that would help your post a lot.

  2. Instead of"The Author for this book is" It would be better for it to be"by....