Book Bytes October 2009

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Reading Response Journal

For the reading response journal I did the book called "The City of Ember" and the author is Jeanne DuPrau. This book is just right because I understand the whole story, and also the words. The difference between the book and my life are not really the same, and there is a vast amount of differences. The difference between the story and my life, are that the city has no sky and it is not dark, there are lights, gigantic creatures in the pipe works like a huge slug. The book made me feel sad, because they are losing resources and I'm glad I have a better life than that, and I really don't want to live in a place like that. There is another reason why, because they are very poor not like right now, they look like that they were back from the civil war.

The characters in the story are Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow, Doon Harrow wanted to trade jobs for pipe works (trade with Lina) and Lina actually traded with Doon, so he was happy. When Lina Grandfather died, she had this metal box from the closet and she had thought that it was the way out of Ember, no one believed her but Doon Harrow is the only one that believed her. They wanted to try if the instructions was telling the truth, and believe it or not, they actually got out of Ember. That must have changed there life a lot. The problem was resolved when Lina actually got the instructions. I felt grateful when the got out of Ember, because they at least have some freedom.I don't think how it can be changed I don't even have any ideas how it could really be changed. (Sorry if repetitive.) I think the story is about survivig in a city with almost no food.

People in the city are arguing that they need more food than that. People are also worried that they will have no then they might die. They don't really know so many stuff. One day when Lina was in her room, she had found Poppy chewing on something. It was a really neat handwriting, probably anyone can read it. Lina told everyone she knew, except for Doon. She wandered across the city, she wanted to find Doon. Until then she had acually found him. She told him that there is something important that she needs to tell Doon. As soon asLina lead Doon to her place. Once both of them were inside a room, Lina passed over the crumpled paper. Doon looked over it carefully putting his hand on the paper, he even says that it was the way out Ember, and that was what Lina had thought too. They really knew that it has to do about the pipeworks. Doon found some stuff that was acutally from the crumpled paper. Doon was planning to leave tomorrow with Lina and Poppy. The next day they were at the pipeworks, once they were ready, Poppy felt scared. They figured out something new, it was called candles, and the other were matches. Once they tried a of couple of times with the match, they dedcided to put it on rope of the candle. it didn't go out that fast. Both of them had found the movable light. They had even found out something, they had found a boat. They took a ride in the boat, it was floating on the water . Lina and Doon were amazed that they had the ride was fairly long, as enough they were out of the boat. Later there was a sign and it said,"Refugees of City of Ember, refill your water bottles from the river." Singed, Workers Lina and Doon did refill their water bottles, and they had started to climb, as a few hours later Lina wanted to get a candle but, doon saw light above them. Once they reached up there they were in the place where they wanted to be.