Apple Island Or The Truth About Teachers

I completed a book called, "Apple Island or the truth about teachers." The Author of the book is Douglas Evans. This book made me feel like it is any ordinary book because, what I usually see is that there is a hero in a book. It is pretty plain to me. This book is like me, I was a hero. Because my brother did something bad, I was the witness. I saw every move, I told Mom, she was shocked. Mom said that I was a hero. It helped me make predictions and wonder what was going to happen next. This book is pretty much lower than a "Just Right" book for me. It is a bit simple for me.

Bradley who is the main character had changed because, from the beginning Bradley hate Mrs. Gross (aka) Ms. Eraser. Who is doing this thing called, "Operation "Misteach" They were teaching he students wrong teachings. She sent the students to Apple Island and she made them eat crabby apples which makes them crabby. Of course Bradley got out of line before that all had started. He met people in Apple Island that had ended up here.
Almost in the end of the story Chalk Mountain blew up because Bradley made it happen. Then all the teachers were not as crabby anymore.
Miss Eraser (aka) Mrs. Gross was really crabby before sh was mean. But when Bradley blew up Chalk Mountain she became less crabbier than before.

The problem was solved that Bradley figured out how too save everybody and that was blowing up chalk mountain. What I should change the book is that it shouldn't always use the same names every time, he could use different words. What I think the message of this story is that teachers always aren't as crabby than you think.

Under the Rug

One cloudy day, Mr. Dude was reading his book, lying on his bed feeling comfortable. Then he heard a loud creak. "This can't be happening" thought Mr. Dude he got off his bed and glanced at it carefully. There was a gigantic bump under his rug. He wonder what is under that rug. This wasn't the first time that happened. Now he remembered, two weeks! It passed and now it happened again. He hated it loathed it. He didn't like it when this happened. Maybe he should move. Maybe that would be a good idea. He wasn't paying attention to the moving bump, it knocked him over and he landed on his bed. The little creature made a loud bark. Mr. Dude was unconscious for a moment. He got up and grabbed his smallest chair. He looked for the right spot to hit. This wasn't easy for him. This always happened. He decided to forget about it and then ask his neighbor if he has any bumps under his rug.

The next day, Mr. Dude went up to his neighbor and asked if he had any bumps under his rug, and his reply was a no.
Mr. Dude went back and sighed.

2 weeks later
There was something under the rug, again.
Mr. Dude saw it. He went to sleep, he was irritated. The little creature came out and went under his covers. He stared at Mr. Dude he licked him. Mr. Dude woke up, in a sudden. He finally knew what was the bump. Was a little brown puppy. He kept it as a pet.